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project approach

Wayz puts together an expert cross-functional team for each assignment. This team then works according to a clear project approach and carries out detailed and regular consultation with the client. This allows the client to gain insight into what knowledge must be mobilized at what time, what stakeholders have an influence on the project at what moments, and how responsibilities should be delegated. Interim reports and honest feedback are essential moments of calibration. Depending on the complexity of the assignment, we work according to a systematic or empirical approach.

1. Formulation of goal. The starting point of the project involves formulating a clear goal or goals.

2. Orientation. The project team charts out possible directions solutions can take. A Wayz employee coordinates the follow-up steps.

3. Business case. The parties involved work out the feasibility of the project.

4. Assignment. On the basis of a solid formulation of the assignment, you present Wayz with the assignment for the project.

5. Execution. In conformity to the agreements reached and under the guidance of a Wayz project manager, we execute the project.

6. Performance evaluation. You evaluate whether the results meet your expectations and whether it can contribute to achieving the goals.

7. Benefit analysis. This is the phase in which you see returns on your investment. This can entail qualitative or quantitative benefits.

8. Goal evaluation. You evaluate whether the goals set have been achieved. If this is the case, the project is complete.


The systematic approach consists of eight important process steps, each of which has its own characteristics and each of which is necessary for effective control over a successful project.

Empirical approach

In the case of more complex projects, such as software development, we take an empirical approach. In these types of projects we work within the Scrum framework. Our staff are Scrum-certified and can manage complex projects via Agile Scrum.

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